Kali Meditation by Ram Dass


Most of the letters that I receive I now answer with a letter that says:

“If you sit quietly, and go within, and ask the question this letter is asking, and listen with faith, you will hear the answer.”


For  all of our questions are OUR questions.

You may experience it as a personal question.

But they are OUR questions which we will ask until the very end — when our minds are quiet and our hearts and minds have merged.


So if you feel frustration because your question hasn’t been asked or answered — offer up the frustration.


In fact, get in the habit of offering all of things that intrude — that take you out of the flow of the universe.

Offer them to Kali.

Offer them to the Mother who looks to consume — who eats, who lives off of all the impurities you can offer.

“Here Kali you take my anger.”

“Here Kali, you take my frustration.”.

“Here Kali — will you take this feeling that I’m unworthy to be beautiful and be part of the Divine Spirit.”

“Kali, take it, I don’t want it anymore.”

“Here ma, you eat it.

“Come on, eat it ma — I don’t want it anymore.”


But don’t give it up unless you’re really giving it up to her.

Don’t give her a little bit and take it back.

Don’t play with it.

Give it to her.


“Eat it ma, take it. Take it”


She’ll take it — she’s dying for it.

She’s drooling for your impurities.


“Here ma, you take it, I don’t want it any more.”


Just offer it up. The offering of the impurities, the quieting of the mind, the getting the body calm, the opening of the heart, and the reaching for God. Thats’ the whole trip. That’s all there is to it — very simple. Nothing to it.