Walking by Thích Nhất Hạnh



Practicing walking meditation is to practice meditation while you walk.

And, you can be peaceful and happy during the practice.

You walk and you do it as if you are the happiest person in the world.

And if you can do that you succeed in walking meditation.


Because we do not set ourselves a goal — or a particular destination.

So we don’t have to worry, or to hurry.

Because there is nothing there for us o get.

Therefore walking is not a means — but an end-by-itself.


So each step you make, must make you happy, peaceful, and serene.


And each step brings you back to the present moment — which is the only moment in which you can be alive.


Make steps as if you print your foot on the ground.

And you do not print your anxiety and sorry on the ground.

Instead you print peace, serenity, and happiness on the ground.


And it is possible to do that.

Provided that you want very much.


Well if we do not make happy and peaceful steps.

And with the eyes of the Bodhisattva you can look into the first step of someone and see the sorrow, anxiety, the fear, that the person has left in his footsteps.

So you must be able to make steps in which no trace of sorrow and anxiety can be found.

Only peace and joy.


Suppose I have a miraculous power.


I would like to bring you to the Pureland of Amitābuddha.

If you are Christians, to the Kingdom of God.

But once we are there how shall we walk?


Shall we print our sorrows and anxieties on the land of Amitābuddha?

That way we will pollute the Pureland and the Pureland will become impure.

Therefore its very important that we can make peaceful, happy steps right here on Earth.

And as you can make peaceful, happy steps on the Earth, the Earth becomes the Pureland.

And that is something I do not invent.


That is said by the Buddha himself.

The Pureland is in our mind.


It depends our way of making steps.


That this land is a Pureland.
The Samsaric land.


Many years ago I visited the place where the Buddha stayed.

I climbed up the mountain where he stayed.

And I sat down on the rock that I believe on which he sat down several times.

And I contemplated the sunset that I believe that he had contemplated hundreds of times.

Maybe thousands of times..


I had the feeling that if I cannot walk like the Buddha.
Sit like the Buddha.
Look at things the way the Buddha look.


And then you cannot continue the work of the Buddha.


To afford this world with awareness.
With understanding.
And with love.


Happily, serenely.