Self-Enquiry Meditation by Mooji


We’ll begin today’s meditation with the chanting of OM 3 times.





Bring your attention only to awareness itself.

This body is simply here.

In whatever position and there’s awareness of the body.

Senses are presence — functioniing by thesmelves.

No need for control.

Notice also breath — moving by itself.


If sounds are heard — it requires no effort.

Merely sensations floating through the space of pure awareness.

You’re neither doing, nor undoing.

Simply aware.

You’re not someone being aware. There’s only awareness.


You’re here.

If thoughts or their energy is felt, don’t fight.

Let them move in the space of awareness.

Be that awareness space only.


Nothing to do.

Nothing to change.

Nothing to follow.


The presence of the body somehow is felt in this space of awareness itself.

Whatever can be described is not you,

Though shapes can be seen.

You have no form.

Be aware of this.

There is no edge or boundary for being.

Feel this.


There is no need to imagine or create.

simply, you are noticing.

But there is an effortlessness.

Perceive…but don’t identify.


Your self is like an open space

A neutrality.

There is no tension here.

No effort…no effort.

No thoughts may be perceived.

None are needed.


Do not hold onto any image as yourself.

Remain as this open space of awareness.

Whatever appears or disappears is noticed by you and it is not you.

Be clear about this.



Notice again th esensation of the body.

But only notice, dont identify.

Feel its presence.

If there is a sense of heaviness in the body, you are simply aware of this — the awarenes itself is not heavy, it has no weight.

Notice this.


Be aware of awareness only.





Simply it is.

You are.

Now don’t pay any attention to movement — even if they arise.

Stay only as pure awareness.

It takes no effort.

Awareness does not move.

It’s neither new, nor old.


Be aware of this very subtle current energy inside the body.

Just a vibration fo the vital source.

Subtle, spacious.

Observed in awareness itself.

Do not hold onto anything.

You’re neither name, nor form.

Be aware of that sense of presence.

Just of presence.

The sense of being.

Both the awareness of the body, senses, and the sense of being are apparent inside the greater awareness.


Don’t hold onto anything.

Even the idea of holding onto awareness is just an idea.

You are already one with awareness.

Acknowledge this.

There is no special way to be.

Simply, you are.

Nothing can define this.

You will know this intuitively.

Ideas such as “inside this” or “outisde of this/“ are only ideas.

Stay as you are.


Don’t analyze

Just be.

If the body feels heavy, that heaviness is only in the body.

Awareness has no weight.

Stay as awareness.

Let the body be.

If you feel the ummm coming in, of sleepiness, it’s only a phenomenon.

It is not awareness itself.

Be in the open space


Do not identify with any quality.

It is not needed.

Do not compare anything that you see.

You’re timeless.

Your not waiting.

You are simply at one with your natural state.

It is not your mind.

But it’s bringing peace also to mind.

Though you are aware of the senses.

It’s as if you are switched off of them but htey still work.

You are only awareness.

Everything that is happening is happening spotatneously. It is unforced.

Actions, reacitons, interactions occur unforced.

Listen to the birds.

To that singing,

They are not singing for you.

Just singing.

Everything only occurring,nothing personal.

In a few moments, you will hear the sound of the bell.

Then, if your eyes are closed, you may open your eyes.

But it will make no idfference.

Inside, outside, same.


This is your natural state.

Uncreated state.

Simply being recognized, not created.

Give attention to this.

Choose htis.

Be one wiht this.

Keep quiet.


Today as you move about, wherever you go.

Keep your attention inside the awareness itself.

It will not be difficult.

Rest in the energy of your own self.

Everything that the body needs to do, it will do.

All is fine.

There is nothig to do, or not do.

Simply keep your attnetnion on you rhown mind, your heart’s awareness.


Om bhavarti

Papji jaye oom

Sri om jay om

shanti, Shanti, Shanti om