The term anupāya has different meanings in different languages and traditions. 


Within the classical tantric traditions, anupāya signifies the “pathless” path. Highly accomplished teachers, such as Abivanagupta, identify anupāya as the fastest means towards realizing the self. He also reminds us that this path can only happen only without effort on the part of the individual.


Abivanagupta tells us that, if realization does not occur effortlessly,  the next step is to explore a series of paths and methods that will require effort from the individual. These methods include activities such as non-meditation, mindfulness, worship, recitation of mantra, and many other practices.


Anupaya.org primarily explores these methods of effort from the perspective of a student.


Our name serves primarily as a reminder that whatever methods we choose to practice, in whatever sequence we do, the effort or means is something that is only useful for some time — but there is always a higher path and in some ways, any path of efffort will eventually lead to the same place — anupāya.