Welcome is a library of meditations and other practices called upāyas in Sanskrit. It’s compiled by a small group of students. If you have anything you’d like us to add, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

The term, anupāya, has different meanings in different languages and traditions. 

Our primary inspiration for anupā comes from a relatively unknown but highly-influential stream of tantra called Trika.

In this lineage, the yogis characterize anupāya as the lightning-fast, “pathless” path to moksha. There’s basically nothing an individual can actually do with effort to be on this path. It happens when it does. Some say it occurs in a single moment of recognition. 

The Trika yogis acknowledged that most people could use some alternatives to Plan A. Hence, the yogis taught a wide array of upayās through initiation, oral transmission, and secretive, poetic scriptures.   

This site mostly explores upāyas spanning ‘non-dual’ wisdom traditions.

Some may be directly yogic or tantric, most not at all. We believe all the world’s traditions, dualistic and non-dualistic, contribute both sacred and profane teachings.

We hope you play around and find something that inspires!