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Lovingkindness by Sharon Salzberg

Metta is meant to be done in the easiest way possible.

So that the experience of lovingkindness springs forth most gently, the most naturally.

To do it in the easiest way possible means first to use phrases that are personally meaningful.

The traditional phrases as their  taught in this one classical translation of them, beginning with oneself.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I know safety.’


The danger in that sense is both inner danger from the force of certain mind states and outer danger.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I have mental happiness.

May I have physical happiness.

May I have ease of well-being.’


Which means may I not have to struggle terribly day-by day — livelihood and family issues.


‘May I be free from danger.

May I have mental happiness.’


But really you should use any phrases that are powerful for you.

They need to be meaningful — not just in a very temporary way.

I guess the discourse is ok — but something profound that you’d wish for yourself and others.

Tonglen by Tulku Tsori Rinpoche


So by taking 3 breaths in and out.

We take a breath in.


When we take a breath in — visualizing that all the mother beings out there suffering

Visualize something like this

Everyone is in the ocean…drowning.


One another — on top of each other — stepping on each other — almost looks like deceiving each other and killing each other and stealing each other.

All kinds of negative.

And I am here — so fortunate to be able to recognize those — and how can I help them — these mother beings?


And visualize that way.

And take one breath in — visualizing I’m taking all dark smoke from this world.

Keep the breath as long as possible.

And visualize that when


Taking all the breath in — visualize all the negativities from all the mother beings —  dark black smoke we are taking in

And visualize you are taking down and pushing down in your stomach.

And visualize that everything is rotating with your sickness and suffering and all the negativities.

And visualize that it became one.

And then, relieve.


We take the second breath.


We’ll do the same thing.

We’ll take whatever leftover there in this Universe.

Whatever left over of dark smoke, dark negativities.

We’ll take inside.

And do the same thing.


We’ll take whatever is left over

Visualize that it all get together.

And then…


Each breath you stay as long as you can.

The end of the breath — the last one.

You take a breath in.

Visualize tiny little things.

Whatever leftover — taking in.

And then relieve.


Nothing left in this Universe.

And then…visualize yourself.

Your body became crystal clear.

Like don’t think of those organs and heart and liver and all those things.


Think your body became like a crystal.

You can see thought it.

Nothing left.

All empty.



Visualize in the front of you — in a space.

Visualize a Buddha….Shatamuta Buddha image.

From this Shatamutta Buddha image…

Don’t visualize like a picture, painted picture.

Or solid — some kind of statue.


Visualize like a RAMBO-type.

If you want to grab, there is nothing to grab.

But still it exists.

Make it appear something like that.

And visualize that incredible, you know, image, that is full of color.


From his forehead — very sharp light — a very sharp, bright light.

From his forehead to your forehead.

And that sharp, bright light — is never seen such a light like that.

That much brightness

Shoots at our forehead.


And visualize that dropping the nectar in our body.

From throat to the leg and up.

Visualizing slowly — it’s filing up the pure nectar of blessing from the Buddha’s.

And visualize that its filling up and up and up.

And flowing up.

Flowing outside.


And purifying everything and cleaning up.

And it’s blowing like it’s

Becoming bigger and bigger and bigger.


Bigger and bigger and bigger.

And all countless pores that we have in our body.

Those pores are opening.


And visualize each and every detail — single pores are opening like a flower

Countless flowers throughout our body.

And visualize that each and every single flower shooting countless from ten directions from our body.

Shooting a spark light.

Countless spark light.


Shooting throughout all ten directions towards all those mother beings whom you’ve taken all their negativities.

Now you’re shooting the positive, compassion, unconditional love and compassion towards them.

Through the Buddha’s blessing

Power of your compassion.


And it shoots in the center chest of their heart.

once it shoots, you know like, —shhooooooomp — unconcious type.

And regain of concious.

New one.

Like new life.


Transform into enlightened.

Instantly when they receive that light.

Shoots in their heart and they transform into enlightened beings.

And they are all doing the same thing to

Transforming yourself into a countless


And they are doing the same thing benefiting many other sentient beings.

And visualize summer.

So enjoying.

And they’re dancing, singing.


Visualize that there are so many raining with the flowers.

All the Buddha’s and Boddhistatvas are so happy, fulfilled  by what practice you have done.

And you think yourself “How fortunate I am.” How fortunate I am  that i’m born as a human being.’ And not only human being but I coudl touched with this Buddha dharma. And I found this great paththat leadsa me to this great compassion, lovingkindness towards other sentient beings.

And rejoice yourself, “How fortunate i am to be able to do this.”


And visualize that i wish that truly in my future life i gain this power of compassion and I am able to benefit all the countless mother beings that are suffering out there.


Rejoice yourself.

Enjoy that moment.

What a wonderful life.

How fortunate I am.


Stay in that moment. And enjoy.

And then, after some time, visualize that the flowers.

dissolve back to our body.


And then visualize that light also dissolve back to the Buddha’s image.

And that Buddha image that we have made appear in this space

in this empty space.


Visualize that dissolve back into one tiny light and disolve by itself into space.

And then I would like you guys to visualize in that empty space and stay in that empty space for a few minute.


So that way — we can start our day.

That way — we will never hate anyone.

Because — the day begin from your compassion practice.


All beings are our mother beings.

And we can be able to maintain our tolerance, patience with our kind mother beings.

And then think of your Lama, your spiritual master.

And pray and dedicate all of those whatever good deed you have done today.

Just dedicate to all the mother beings.

Open Awareness by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche




I’m very happy to share you some meditation instructions.

Ok, now first is, it’s very simple, please keep your spine straight. Just straight but don’t worry too much about perfect.

Just keep straight.


And please close your eyes.

Just you closeyour eyes like you’re sleeping.

You don’t have to close too tightly or any special way.

And relax your muscles in your body.


Relax muscles in your head…face…ears….cheeks…throat…upper body…arms and hands…lower body…and the legs and feet.

Just totally relax.

Yet…spine straight.

And little bit your, bend your neck forward…little bit….it’s almost like the weight of your head rests on your neck.

You can effortlessly rest.

Each part of the body on the one below.


And this way you feel like resting but ther’es something distinctive.

So you can find balance on the part of your body that is resting…on top of the ea…on top of the others.

But at the same time, there is some sort of strenght within you.

Your spine straight.


Sometimes you feel a bit like gravirty…like gravity…

And just feel sometime, some sensations,..just let it be. Whatever feeling in your body just aware and let it be.


When I was young, my father used to tell me that.

“Let your body on the cushion and let your mind in the body.” This way — join body and mind together.

Your mind come to the body— just aware of your body and aware of any sensations.

Feelings in your body.

Pleaseant feelings,




Unpleaseant feelings

Tight. Pain.

Or Netural feelings. Maybe tingling.

Or no feeling.

So any type of feelings.


Just aware.

And let it be.

Ok for a few seconds…jsut aware.

Just relax…



Now…you can expand your awareness into out of your body.

Surround of you.

Maybe there is some sound…any smell…or any sensations

Like your room temperature

A little bit hot a little bit cold.


Any noise

People are chatting

A car, train, or airplanes moving around.

Or your navels making noise.

Anything — just aware.


Just noise.

Just recognize there are sounds.

And your awareness becomes more open and more vast.

Stay there ….and aware of any phenomenas…for a few seconds.


Now you can expand your awareness even more further beyond your immediate surrounding.

Feel the space around you.

Above you.

And aware of that space.

More further down.


All of the phenomenas are occur in the space.

Changing in the space.

Dissolving bcak into the space.

Like clouds.

They come into space.

Reamain in the space.

They disolve in the space.


And now you can even more expand your awareness.

Go beyond the clouds.

Space which is boundless

Space which is open for all durations.


Be there.

Don’t worry you’re not going to get lost.

Stay there for a few seconds.


Ok now — please slowly open your eyes.

And be present here.

Just rest your mind also.

Not only the body.

How to rest your mind.


For example, if you like to do physical exercise.

You’re jogging.

In that garden or park.

Or hiking to the hills or mountains.

Maybe for af few minutes or hours.

Let’s say 1 hour.

And when you finish your job.

You may use a nice seat or rock or grass field.

Sit on the grass fireld.

And with big sigh — – HAAA — just resting.


You don’t have to meditate. Just let your mind rest as it is.

And the body also.

Just rest.

For a few seconds.

Maybe you feel like — oh there are so many thoughts. So many emotions — occuring in my mind.


What should i do with those emotions, those thoughts?

Same? Same as before..

You’re just aware.

If there are thoughts and emtoins – – just aware.

But  I go blah blah blah…

Aware and let it be…

Same way your’e aware of your body.


Aware of sound and sesnsations.

Just aware…thoughts and meotions.

Let them come, and let them go.


But if you’re not aware of them.

Also fine!

You’re in non-conceptual state of mind.

But not too long — for a few seconds.



Just aware…for a few seconds.

Anything occurs in your mind, in your body…in your perceptions.

Just aware and let it be.


Ok…now you can apply this awareness, this open, this awareness with any situation in your life with any activities in daily life.

Short time, many times, everywhere, anytimes.

7 days for a week.

365 of the year.


Then you can be be your mind with joyful, feel peaceful experience, and you will develop your inner love compassion wisdom.

Thank you!


Lovingkindness by Tara Brach


We close with a brief prayer of lovkingkindness.

May we embrace our inner life.

May we open to the realness that’s right here.

And belong to our full aliveness.

Our full awake heart.

And may this openness of heart include all beings


May we truly see all beings as part of our heart.

Cherish all beings.

Realize the shared heartspace and awareness that’s our essence.


May there be love and understanding between all beings.

May there be peace.

May there be peace.

May all beings awaken and be free.


Namaste and blessings.

Glow Meditation by Keith Wilson


Close your eyes.

This is a meditation called, “The Glow”

I’ve had people who’ve spent a lot of time in ashrams tell me its one of — it’s absolutely the simplest —
and one of the most powerful meditations they’ve ever connected with.

I don’t know but you can play with it.

It’ s not done with the mind.



Ask the smile in your heart to find you.

As it does — let that smile spread over your face.

Let yourself smile.



If meditation is a serious activity and you have trouble grinning, I’ll come around and tickle you.

Let yourself smile.



Ask the smile in your heart to find you.

If you can allow yourself to smile — notice that you are raditating energy, gently glowing.

Yes? Can you feel it?

And notice that that radiance is not a draining or leaking, a loss of energy, it’s an overlowing .

Feel it?

Notice that even your toes are glowing.

This helps you to experience that every cell in your body is now gently overflowing with energy, light, multi-dimensional potential.

Question 1:
‘Does this effortless over-flowing come from who you really are?’

And Question 2:

Does it come from source? God, goddess. Great spirits. Supreme being. Whatever that is for you.


So is this you? Yeah.

Is this Source? Yeah.

This energy comes from that place where you are one. Already in oneness.

As a metaphor for that oneness, it flows through every cell.

Connecting all of you to everything outside and everything inside.



This energy comes from the place variously referred to as your multi-dimensional self, your light body, soul-self, God-self, 4th and 5th dimensional self, or the being of light that you are that chose an expression in a human body.



You can use this gentle flow of energy to raise your resonance, raise your vibration.

You may be familiar with the many of the teachers out there who say that the way we wil change this dimension is by more and more people overflowing with the light of the Goddess.



If you hang out in this kind of energy — however you connect to it — your consciousness will change.

You can use this energy for meditation, manifestation, healing.




If you’re in a situation where the vibe could stand some adjustment — go to glow.

it takes about one and a half seconds to turn this on. And quite often the change in your resonance will shift the energy of those around you.

If you’re with someone and they’re in blame mode, or complain or dump or angy, go to glow.



Overflow with life.

It’s effortless.

If you’re a therapist or caregiver and you give from your personal energy, you get drained.

If you give from an energy like this — from an overflowing — you can’t give unless you are so full that you can’t hold no more.



If they start pulling from you, sucking energy from you…you get more than they do.

It isn’t coming from you.

At least not the you that is in a body.



You can let them have all they want — through you — right straight from source.

They have a higher source. They know what they need. You don’t have to know.



You can send this energy anywhere in the world. to any person, place or situation.

Do that now.

Tell it go somewhere.

Most people can feel this energy form itself into a beam or a direction and go where you send it.


And because you are in a flow or feeling.

You don’t need need symbolic devices to make your rational mind feel like it has something to do to keep it occupied.

Or you can use it in the other direction.

While you’re glowing — you can invite anyone or any situation into the light.

And they’ll come. If they want — and receive — what they want.



Years ago before I knew how to have other people do this meditation — i used to share it with my sweetheart.

Other people can feel it.

I’ve had other people tell me, “It’s like being with God.”

If you share it with someone, you will notice.

Turn it on in the middle of the night.

Their breathing rate will change.

Their movement, in dreaming, will change.

I’ve seen people hooked up to electronic instruments have someone turn this energy on.

Someone had just been trained to do it.

And the instrument — hooked up to someone else — registers it because they are feeling the energy that someone else is running.



Go to Glow.

I use the principle that says, “if you fill with light — whatever inside that is not in harmony with that light will come up.”

Whatever you and your higher self decide you’re here to work on — if its dark shadow or light shadow.



So here if you have a flow form inside — thoughts, feelings, images, emotions — allow.

Or you might find that you have a dense, heavy, tight, constricted, contracted place in your body.

Just painful enough that you know where it is.

It’s a communication, it’s a metaphor, it’s a language about where density is, where something is stuck.

If you have one of those places here’s my suggestion for today.

Back off.

Let go of working with it.

Let go of healing it.

Let go of fixing it.

Let go of judging it.

Let go of judging yourself for having it.

And just step back.



Ask this flow of light

Ask the movement of energy going through you from the being of light that you are to show you what it would do with your density.

And just watch.



I suggest you not use the flow of light as if it’s a magic ray gun to zap your density.

We’ve got enough war.

Just watch what would the higher being you are do… with your density.







Kali Meditation by Ram Dass


Most of the letters that I receive I now answer with a letter that says:

“If you sit quietly, and go within, and ask the question this letter is asking, and listen with faith, you will hear the answer.”


For  all of our questions are OUR questions.

You may experience it as a personal question.

But they are OUR questions which we will ask until the very end — when our minds are quiet and our hearts and minds have merged.


So if you feel frustration because your question hasn’t been asked or answered — offer up the frustration.


In fact, get in the habit of offering all of things that intrude — that take you out of the flow of the universe.

Offer them to Kali.

Offer them to the Mother who looks to consume — who eats, who lives off of all the impurities you can offer.

“Here Kali you take my anger.”

“Here Kali, you take my frustration.”.

“Here Kali — will you take this feeling that I’m unworthy to be beautiful and be part of the Divine Spirit.”

“Kali, take it, I don’t want it anymore.”

“Here ma, you eat it.

“Come on, eat it ma — I don’t want it anymore.”


But don’t give it up unless you’re really giving it up to her.

Don’t give her a little bit and take it back.

Don’t play with it.

Give it to her.


“Eat it ma, take it. Take it”


She’ll take it — she’s dying for it.

She’s drooling for your impurities.


“Here ma, you take it, I don’t want it any more.”


Just offer it up. The offering of the impurities, the quieting of the mind, the getting the body calm, the opening of the heart, and the reaching for God. Thats’ the whole trip. That’s all there is to it — very simple. Nothing to it.